Just my opinion. - IrishRacing7 Just my opinion.

Just my opinion.

Food for thought.

First things first, I hope everyone's ok with the new layout and websites, we thought that it could do with a freshen up and as we don't do so much on the blog these days, I thought it was best to update things in an attempt to attract some new players and try to keep them.

We've always said that we will remain Affiliate free and refuse to include bookmaker links.
We've had plenty of offers over the years and refused them all. 

This will not change.

But, that does mean that everything we do is for the love of racing and community that we're all part of. Funding this hasn't always been easy and I've done everything I can to build it all from scratch so that we can avoid any costs. We're now in a position where we control everything and no part of the website requires a 3rd party to keep the wheels turning. 

I know that in the past we've had issues and on occasion, the websites fallen over, data has gone missing and on the VERY rare occasion, we've had to close.

I think we can all agree that recently, we've had very few issues and all the upgrades have been a vast improvement. 

However, We've seen numbers drop week on week, which is disappointing. That said, I have noticed that many other websites are also seeing numbers fall. We even saw Betref close for good, which was a real shock.

It's becoming clear that the majority of people only want to take part in competitions with a prize (whatever that may be).

Every prize that we've ever given away has been funded from our pocket, or to be more accurate, Mic's. (also recently, Howard with the Woodbine mugs)

Mic works tirelessly running IrishRacing7 and the hours that man puts in is a testament to his dedication to keeping racing fun. 

He gets the design sorted, sent off to the printers and gets personalised IrishRacing7 mugs sent all over the country, regardless of who it is, or what the cost. 

Is it too much to ask for those who take part to help spread the word and attract more players?

Mic doesn't give away these prizes and expect anything in return.

But, I'm beginning to think we do too much.